Yarn Wrapped Hearts Craft – Valentines Day Crafts


Love is noticeable all around! Today we are demonstrating how to make yarn wrapped hearts. This art though is incredible both for kids and adults, making it one of the coolest Valentine’s day makes ever.

What you need

yarn (red, pink or any shading truly)

cardboard paper


clear tape


Draw a heart shape on the cardboard. You can help yourself by illustrating a cutout or you can simply freehand draw the heart.

Cut the heart out. It may be somewhat hard to remove it, contingent upon the scissors (our own didn’t do the best occupation on the planet), so this is most appropriate for a grown-up to do.

Tie yarn around the heart and tie a bunch. Secure with some unmistakable tape.

Start folding the yarn over the cardboard heart. Keep it up, enveloping the yarn by all bearings, until you get a pleasant “stout” heart. When you’re content with how your heart looks, tie a bunch.

You can even include some string and make a circle for hanging, on the off chance that you would prefer to have these yarn wrapped hearts as decorations.

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