Make a gorgeous under the sea paper plate create utilizing common materials gathered at the seashore! This is such a fun children make thought and is incredible after a family occasion or outing to the seashore.

This fun little paper plate make is so easy to set up as an encouragement to make after an outing to the seashore and makes a wonderful showcase at home or in the study hall!

Materials required:

Paper plates (we had these little, blue ones remaining over from a  party. White will be fine as well)


little shells

blue sparkle stick

tissue paper in splendid hues

green felt in different shades (or more tissue paper)

white paste


marker pens

begun by applying the white paste to the base portion of the paper plates, at that point sprinkling over the sand until it had stuck and totally secured the region. It’s imperative to shake off the overabundance at this stage, or else any of the subtleties that are included top will tumble off with the free sand.

Then added the felt pieces to make ocean weed and stuck little shells in various sizes and styles onto the sand. ѕоу required a considerable amount of paste to stick solidly, yet once dried they remained set up well.

Then drew and cut out their very own little fish and ocean animals from the tissue paper and included subtleties with pens. These were stuck onto the foundation and the under the ocean scene sprung up!

Over the highest point of this entire scene, they washed blue sparkle stick, utilizing a paintbrush. It’s difficult to tell from these photos yet the plates truly shimmer and twinkle in the light and look dazzling!

They left them to dry level overnight

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