Instant Pot Greek Yogurt


Smooth, rich and tart Greek yogurt is so natural to make in the Moment Pot and is financially savvy as well.


1-gallon whole milk

4 Tablespoons yogurt with live cultures (I use Chobani Entire Milk Greek Yogurt)


Empty the milk into the Moment Pot.

Turn the Moment Pot to the “Yogurt” setting and alter it until it says “bubble”.

Spread the Moment Pot with a top and trust that the milk will bubble. It needs to reach at any rate 180-185 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cool the milk to 105 – 115 degrees Fahrenheit. I, for the most part, remove the inward pot from the Moment Pot so it chills faster. If the milk is excessively hot, it will murder the way of life in the yogurt and the milk won’t transform into yogurt.

At the point when the milk chills, dispose of the “skin” over the milk and speed in 4 Tablespoons of plain(unflavored, unsweetened) yogurt or plain Greek yogurt.

Ensure the yogurt has genuine live societies in it, not stabilizers and other unusual fixings. You can utilize locally acquired yogurt (I like Chobani Entire Milk Greek Yogurt). There are likewise societies that you can purchase and once you’ve made your own yogurt, you can utilize that to make yogurt and have an endless stock.

Turn the Moment Pot on to the “Yogurt” setting once more, changing it to 8 hours. Mine likewise has the 24-hour alternative, however, I utilize the 8. The longer the yogurt stands, the tangier it will be.

Spread with the top and turn the valve to “Fixing”.

Following 8 hours, the yogurt will have a decent, thick consistency.

Scoop out the yogurt and let it channel over a fine work sifter fixed with a cheesecloth. Regardless of whether you don’t need the yogurt to be thick, you despite everything need to strain it, in any case, there will be an excess of whey and additional fluid will be leaking out from the sides. Channel the yogurt for 15 minutes or somewhere in the vicinity on the off chance that you need it to have a more slender consistency and up to a couple of hours on the off chance that you need it to have a thicker consistency, similar to Greek yogurt.

You can dispose of the whey or use it to make bread, crepes and different things. Substitute the water/milk in the formula for the whey.

On the off chance that you need the yogurt to be a thick, smooth surface, let it channel for a couple of hours or medium-term.

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