This Is The Best Natural Painkiller, And You Can Find It In Your Backyard!


Wild lettuce is a plant which has been utilized for quite a long time as a characteristic cure, painkiller, rest enhancer and narcotic. In the nineteenth century, it was utilized as a less expensive option for opium since it has comparable impacts. Indeed, even today, water refined from this plant has a gentle narcotic impact in light of the fact that the resinous smooth sap contains sedatives that can calm agony.

This dynamic substance, when extricated and dried, is called lactucarium. It contains mixes with pain-relieving properties, as lactucin, lactupicrin, and lactucopicrin, fundamentally the same as ibuprofen or some much more grounded medications.

In Iran, a group for researchers has found that wild lettuce has been utilized broadly as a narcotic and painkiller several years prior to the Victorian age. In the nineteenth-century, Clean Productions has distributed the paper “Lettuce, Lactuca, sp. As a Restorative Plant” where it was accounted for the accompanying:

“The dynamic substance found in wild lettuce has more fragile activity, however, there are no known symptoms. As the restorative practice has appeared, now and again lactucarium can have better and more grounded corrective impacts contrasted with opium.”

Wild lettuce, otherwise called opium lettuce, doesn’t contain opium, yet its belongings are fundamentally the same as it alleviates agony and it can decrease the indications and treat hack.

Here is a portion of the employments of opium lettuce:

Asthma: The impacts of mellow narcotic are incredible for tension manifestations, which lessens the recurrence of the seriousness of asthma assaults.

A sleeping disorder: Wild lettuce is a characteristic remedy for a sleeping disorder and other resting issue, in addition to it is an incredible rest enhancer.

Headache: Wild lettuce can likewise diminish the recurrence and seriousness of headache assaults.

Gentle rapture: The sedative-like impact can cause a sentiment of joy and mellow elation, without the risky reactions of sedatives.

Pressure and agony: The sedative-like impact can decrease numerous sorts of strain and torment.


Take a stem or leaf of wild lettuce, break it with the goal that the smooth sap is discharged. Use it to make a liquor tincture.

Dry a couple of leaves and use them to make tea. Mix 1.5 grams of the opium lettuce in heated water.

You can likewise smoke the dried leaves in a pipe, yet this is a lot more grounded choice.

Note: Admission of high measures of wild lettuce can cause tension, unsteadiness, and queasiness.

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