Powerful Weight Loss Diet Plan From Cardiologists – Burn 10 Pounds In Only 5 Days!

Amazing-Weight-Loss-Diet plan-From-Cardiologists-–-Lose-10-Pounds-In-Just-5-Days
Amazing-Weight-Loss-Diet plan-From-Cardiologists-–-Lose-10-Pounds-In-Just-5-Days

Today we will uncover the best diet plan that goes on for 15 days, suggested by probably the best cardiologist in Europe, Dr. Jean Mitrev. During the entire eating routine, breakfast is the same each and every day and it contains a natural product, for example, pear, watermelon, melon, orange and peach, bananas and grapes are illegal

Day 1

Lunch: a bubbled egg, orange, and 200ml (a cup) of yogurt

Supper: 2 bubbled eggs, 2 dl of cooked tomatoes (or 2 tomatoes), 2 bits of rusk, half cucumber or one little bit of lettuce.

Day 2

Lunch: 200ml of yogurt and 1 orange

Supper: some sugar-free tea or espresso, one orange, one rusk, 125g bubbled meat and one tomato.

Day 3

Lunch: lettuce or cucumber, a cup of yogurt and one bubbled egg.

Supper: some sugar-free tea or espresso, one rusk, 125g bubbled meat, one orange

Day 4

Lunch: a rusk, 125g cheddar (bovine) and a tomato

Supper: a ruck, an apple, 125 bubbled meat, and two tomatoes

Day 5

Lunch: a rusk, tomato and200g of bubbled meat or fish

Supper: 500g of peas, carrot or potato (bubbled)


You ought to stay away from salt while cooking or you can use in limited quantities or you can utilize Himalayan salt. You should make a respite on the sixth and seventh day and proceed on the eighth day. You ought to likewise keep away from liquor during the routine. You will consume 5-10 pounds during this period. It depends on how carefully you will adhere to the principles.

Rush toward 2 days and afterward proceed with a similar arrangement for the third times (5 days diet – 2 days stop).

On the off chance that you adhere to the eating regimen controls effectively, you will consume 30 pounds without symptom. For keeping this (perfect) weight, you ought to expend the accompanying nourishments on Mondays:

Breakfast: just some sugar-free lemon juice

Lunch: a rusk and an apple

Supper: a rusk, a bubbled egg, and a tomato

In the event that you attempt to substitute one nourishment with another, the eating routine won’t give you the best and wanted outcomes.

Have a decent day and make the most of your body more than ever.

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