Treat Dry, Cracked Feet With Baking Soda


Spring is thumping on your entryway, and it’s the ideal opportunity for you to put on your preferred shoes. Goodness, pause… You can’t due to your split feet, isn’t that so? Your split impact points can before long become history, and you’ll have the option to flaunt your smooth feet. No more socks and running shoes.

Paying a little fortune in the closest excellence salon won’t do great to your family spending plan, and you can really get the salon-impact at the solace of your home.

All you need is sans aluminum preparing pop.

Heating soft drink treatment for broke feet

Things required

Heating pop


Delicate clean wipe, brush or pumice stone

Cream, lavender fundamental oil

*Use 2 tablespoons of heating soft drink to 4 liters of warm water.

Break down your preparing soft drink in the water, and include a couple of drops of lavender basic oil. Presently you have your own one of a kind salon treatment.

Absorb your feet the sweet-smelling shower for 15-20 minutes. Unwind. You merited this in the wake of that difficult day at work. Utilize your clean brush or perhaps a pumice stone to work the broke region on your feet. Flush well.

Coat your feet with your glycerin feet cream. Coconut oil and Vaseline function admirably, as well. Put on your cotton socks, and you’re finished.

On the off chance that you do this before you hit the hay, you can leave the socks on. Make the most of your foot drench more than once per week, contingent upon the state of your feet. When you’re happy with the manner in which your feet look, do the treatment two times per month.

For better outcomes, make preparing soft drink glue, and use it to clean your feet earlier the pumice stone part. You can undoubtedly make the glue, and you just need heating pop and a small piece of water.

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