Tomato Santa and Cucumber Christmas Tree Recipe


They are unquestionably not hard to make with clear fixings, regardless, they will have a massive impact on an appearance on your food.  We guarantee that you can make your friends and family smile with these beguiling starters!

Simple Cucumber Christmas Trees

Fixings (makes 8):

1 huge carrot

1 entire cucumber


Strip the carrot, disposing of the top and base.

From the thicker finish of the carrot, cut 8 rounds, around 1/2 cm thick.

Utilizing a smaller than normal star-molded shaper, cut a star from each bit of carrot.

Gap and cut the rest of the bit of carrot into 8 pieces, which will frame the trunks of your cucumber trees.

Set the carrot stars and pieces to the other side.

Utilizing a vegetable peeler, cut long strips from the cucumber, the entire length long.

Beginning at the littlest end, cautiously overlap a portion of cucumber too and fro, beginning with little creases and getting step by step greater with everyone, until you have made a tree shape.

Push the folds together, and push a mixed drink stick through to stick them start to finish.

Push the mixed drink stick into one of the carrot pieces, huge overlay side down.

Push a carrot star onto the opposite finish of the mixed drink stick.

Cautiously discrete the folds a little with the goal that the cucumber occupies the space between the two carrot pieces.

Stand your eatable Christmas tree on a plate or serving plate and rehash until you have made the same number of cucumber trees as you need.

Serve right away.



Tomato Santa Clause

plum tomatoes

semi-hard cheddar (jack or cheddar)

cream cheddar (room temperature)

dark sesame seeds


Tomato Santa Clause:

Cut off the base of tomatoes (so they stand) and cut down the middle. Spot tomatoes chop sides down on a paper towel and expel dampness. Put in a safe spot. Cut out rounds from 1/4″ (6 mm) thick semi-hard cheddar with 1/2″ (1.2 cm) width round cutout. Put delicate cream cheddar in a funneling sack with a star tip.

Funnel cream cheddar on a base portion of a tomato. Spot cheddar round on cream cheddar, and channel some more over the cheddar round. Spot top portion of tomato on the channeled cream cheddar. Channel a dab over the tomato. Stick sesame seeds on semi-hard cheddar as eyes.

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