Soft Homemade Baby Food Recipes for your 6 Month Old


Exactly when your kid is a half year old, it’s a great time to start them on their first solid sustenance. Your baby will be dependent on you to outfit them with various supplements and nutrients (in development to their breastfeeds) and set them for life with great eating less junk food penchants. I recommend starting with making your youngster their own handcrafted baby sustenance with these plans.

A couple of upsides of specially crafted newborn child sustenances are, it:

Won’t cost you much.

It helps your youngster in researching different surfaces and tastes.

Empowers your baby to learn sustenance habits and customs.

It empowers you to control what goes into the sustenance.

1) Newborn child Rice Grain


1 tbsp rice

10 tbsp water

3 tbsp breastmilk or formula


Spot water in a skillet and warmth to an air pocket

Incorporate rice and blend

Air pocket until cooked and fragile

Incorporate milk and blend

Let cool

Use stick blender to puree


Kid rice oat is a remarkable spot to start, as it has lots of iron and your newborn child will have the choice to process it effectively. In any case, make a point not to use business or dairy creatures’ milk. Your baby is won’t be set up for it until they are one year of age.

2) Youngster Grain Porridge


1 tbsp moved oats

6 tbsp water, breastmilk, or formula

Optional: 1 stripped and cleaned apple or 1 stripped banana


Spot milk in a dish and warmth

Spot oats in with it

Keep rising until it thickens.

Enable it to cool

Use stick blender to puree

Optional (after the kid has endeavored each solely):

Cut apple and banana into cuts

Spot apple in a little water

Air pocket until sensitive

Blend banana, apple, and oats together with a hand processer

3) Soft Fruit Puree


Fresh and ripe fruit (apple, peach, pear, or apricot)


Wash and peel skins of fruit

Clear focuses or seeds and cut into medium slices

A spot in a container with a little aggregate of water

Steam or air pocket gently for five to ten minutes until soft

Remove from water and blend until pureed

Remember more water for the remote possibility that it seems dry


It is more astute to start offering your newborn child normal item purees after they have first shown overhauls in eating rice grain.

4) Soft Vegetable Puree


1 vegetable (ideally potato, sweet potato, or pumpkin)


Strip, wash, and dice vegetable

Warmth up a restricted amount of water in a pot or steamer

Spot vegetable pieces in water

Warmth to the point of bubbling

Cook until fragile

Oust and blend until pureed

5) Mashed Arranged Potatoes


Whole potato


Wash and spot-on setting up a compartment

Spot in stove with moderate warmth for 1-1.5 hours, until cooked

Cut open

Oust inside parts and pound

Optional: can give other squashed/pureed vegetables


You can cook potatoes for the whole family, and use one for your newborn child.

6) Cream Vegetable Soup


Separated vegetables


Warmth a pot of water to the point of bubbling

Incorporate vegetables

Stew until cooked totally

Pound or puree


Make an effort not to drain the water.

7) Cream Pumpkin Soup


1 butternut pumpkin


Spot pumpkin in dish and warmth

Air pocket until totally cooked and fragile

Blend with a stick blender


Make an effort not to drain water

8) Soft Meat, Chicken, or Fish Dish


Meat (lean beef, veal, lamb, chicken, or fish)


Mince or finely hack meat

Warmth water to the point of bubbling

Incorporate meat to water

Stew with shut spread until cooked and fragile

Oust any bones or skin

Blend or mince to a structure your newborn child will have the alternative to swallow

Incorporate water or breastmilk for sensitivity


No salt or flavors required.

Meats contain loads of iron, so it is extraordinary to offer them to your baby even at an ideal time.

If you cook meat for a truly lengthy timespan, it can make it hard to chomp.

9) Baby Legumes


1 tbsp dried legumes (such as chickpeas, kidney beans, dull beans, or lentils).


Seek after pack headings to cook vegetables

Blend until pureed

10) Baby Tofu


An unassuming amount of plain, soft tofu


Steam or sauté the tofu

Empty and blend until pureed

Incorporate water or breastmilk as needed, for gentler consistency

11) Pureed Chicken, Burger or Sheep Dish


1 chicken chest filet, burger, or lean sheep

Celery, carrot, potato


Oust skin and bones from meat

Cut meat and vegetables into 3D squares

Air pocket water in the dish

Spot meat and vegetables in the dish

Bring to a stew until fragile

Utilize a stick blender or a sustenance processor to puree or mince


This should be used towards the completion of a half year when a youngster has endeavored all fixings solely.

12) Steamed Fish


Fish filet


Spot fish in dish with a little water on the base


Enable the water to stew and holder steam until fish is sensitive

Oust all bones warily

Serve cool

13) Soft Boiled Eggs

1 egg


Spot water in pot and warmth

Turn down warmth before going to a full air pocket

Spot egg and let stew for 10 minutes

Remove egg from water

Enable the egg to cool

Oust shell and blend in with a hand blender or squash


You can in like manner incorporate a pinch of pureed vegetables.

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