Snowman Sandwich Balls


Today I’m sharing another fun snowman themed nourishment thought – Snowman Sandwich Balls.

Snowman Sandwich Balls


2 slices white bread

filling of your decision

dark and orange eatable marker pens


Start by cutting a hover from a bit of bread, utilizing the greatest circle shaper that will fit on the cut.

Spread out a bit of clingfilm on the ledge or a hacking board. Pop your hover of bread on top.

Drop your filling into the center of the bread. I spread over a little cream cheddar and a little touch of raspberry jam in mine. Be mindful so as not to utilize an excessive amount of filling as else it might escape when you move it up!

Accumulate the sides of the clingfilm in your grasp, with the goal that the bread overlays upon itself.

Fix the clingfilm, taking consideration to allow the air to getaway.

Bend the clingfilm until the bread has framed into a firm ball.

Unwrap the clingfilm and cautiously expel the sandwich ball.

Rehash with a second bit of bread to make the other portion of the snowman.

Utilizing the eatable marker pens, draw a snowman face on the smooth side of one of the sandwich balls and some dark specks for catches on the other.

Spot the two sandwich balls together on a serving platter or plate to frame a snowman. Include a tie or cap bento pick whenever needed.

Enliven with snowflake sprinkles (discretionary) and serve.


Equipment: Large round treat cutter, clingfilm, bow tie or cap bento picks (optional) and snowflake sprinkle to enliven (discretionary).

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