How To Prevent Hormonal Imbalance With Food- What To Eat And What To Avoid!

Hormonal Imbalance

Proper nutrition is the key to feeding your body with the energy it needs to function at its best, but also to balance the hormones. This is especially important for younger women, in order to have regular menstrual cycles.

Food can prevent, but also cause hormonal imbalance, so you need be careful what you eat, which is very important for middle aged and pre/post-menopausal women; with years, they become less and less physically active and what they need is food to give them energy, but also to make them look younger. In time, their bodies stop producing the much needed hormones, so they need proper nutrients to help them with the hormonal imbalance. Here is a list of 5 most important foods women should eat and avoid:

What to eat

  1. Vegetable

Especially vegetables which are rich in antioxidants, like leafy greens (spinach, kale, cilantro, collard greens for example)

  1. Fish rich in Omega-3

The fatty fishes are rich in Omega-3 acids, which are important for prevention of hypertension, heart and inflammatory diseases and depression, as well as the woman`s health in general.

  1. Yogurt

The fermentation of the dairy product enriches the final product (i.e. yogurt) with calcium, vitamin D and probiotics, all very important for the bones, gut and hormonal balance.

  1. Avocado

The healthy fats from the avocado help with the absorption and use of important nutrients; avocado is also rich in many vitamins and minerals needed for hormonal balance (potassium, magnesium, fibers, folic acid, E and B vitamins)

  1. Spices

There are many healing spices and herbs which can help with restoring and keeping hormonal balance, as well as mood stabilization, like ginger, garlic and cinnamon; so try and use at least one of them every day.

What to avoid

  1. Soy

The normal functioning of the thyroid gland, responsible for producing and storing hormones, can be disturbed by the phytoestrogen (i.e. soy) which imitates the natural hormones in our bodies. This way, it disrupts the hormones produces by the thyroid gland in regulating the blood pressure, heart rate, metabolism and body temperature, causing health problems like infertility, obesity, loss of muscle mass and mood swings.

  1. Sugar

Refined sugar is also known as white death, because it causes many health problems, starting with diabetes, obesity, pancreas and liver diseases, problems with the digestive and nervous system, but also hormonal imbalance in women. So the next time you have a craving for something sweet, try something with fructose, honey of maltex.

  1. Caffeine

Caffeine can cause anxiety in younger women and hot flashes in menopausal ones. So try avoiding, or at least cutting down on caffeine.

  1. High glycemic food

Food with high glycemic index changes the levels of blood sugar, which is important for maintaining hormonal balance. In order to keep the hormonal balance, try to avoid these types of food (like soda, white bread or fruit juices with added sugar).

  1. Alcohol

Small quantities of alcohol will not harm your health, it is even recommended to have a glass of wine or beer with your dinner, but heavy drinking dehydrates your body, causing hot flashes and exhausting your body.

Try to use these tips in practice, change your diet by adding and removing something day by day, and be amazed by the result, your body will be healthier and you will feel better than ever.

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