Nutella Stuffed French Toast



8 cuts of brioche bread that is somewhat stale

4 tablespoons or so of Nutella

3 eggs

⅓ cup milk (I utilized almond milk)

a smidgen of margarine for the skillet

powdered sugar, for tidying


Spread Nutella in the focal point of 4 of the bits of bread, and amass each like a sandwich. Try not to spread it right to the edges so the edges of the bread will follow together later with the egg blend.

In a shallow heating dish (with sides), whisk the eggs and the milk together.

Plunge each sandwich into the egg blend and flip it over a couple of times to immerse the bread.

Warmth spread in a huge skillet over high warmth. Cook each piece until brilliant dark colored on the two sides. (a moment or 2). Residue with powdered sugar and serve.

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