Mini lobster rolls


These scaled-down lobster rolls are anything but difficult to make yet look noteworthy – ideal for issue free engaging.


entire cooked lobster or lobster meat 1, split and picked – or about 150g lobster meat, (we utilized a Major and delicious solidified lobster from Ocado)

light mayonnaise 125g

lemon juice 2 tbsp

chives a little bundle, clipped

celery 1 enormous stick, finely diced

cayenne a scarcely any squeezes

butter 1 tbsp, softened

scaled-down rolls 10


Stage 1

Blend the mayonnaise, lemon juice, the vast majority of the cut chives, diced celery and three portions of cayenne. Season with white pepper and somewhat salt, at that point delicately overlap through the lobster meat and keep chilled.

Stage 2

Just before serving, cut a cut in the highest point of the rolls. Brush a portion of the margarine on the inner parts, and tenderly warm in a low stove (160C/fan 140C/gas 3). Spoon the filling between the rolls. Add a squeeze or two more cayenne and the remainder of the chives.

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