Lady Beetle Watermelon


These delightful little ladybugs are a nutritious nibble for kids. They take minutes to assemble and your children will ask for additional—and since they’re so sound, you can cheerfully oblige!

You Will Need:

1 cut of watermelon

6 blueberries

1 dark cherry

1 child carrot

vanilla yogurt

Serves one.


1. Lay your cut of watermelon down on a cutting board. Utilize a round cutout (or the open finish of a drinking glass on the off chance that you don’t have a round shaper) to cut around a bit of watermelon.

2. Utilizing a blade, cut a little triangle in the base portion of the watermelon cut. Spot your circle-formed watermelon piece on a plate.

3. Snatch six new blueberries and orchestrate them on the watermelon cut to resemble the dabs on a ladybug.

4. Cut two slim strips off your infant carrot. Stick these privileges at the highest point of the watermelon cut for receiving wires. Get a dark cherry and spot it down for the ladybug’s head.

5. At long last, utilizing your vanilla yogurt, cautiously place two little specks of yogurt on the cherry for the ladybug’s eyes.

This ladybug organic product nibble utilizes new summer leafy foods a solid and flavorful treat for kids.  Appreciate!

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