Instant Pot Beef and Rice Pilaf (Plov)


Conventional Plov (rice and meat pilaf) is made with sheep, however, I incline toward utilizing hamburger. I have a stovetop formula previously posted here, yet cooking it in the Moment Pot is so a lot quicker and the outcomes are superb, as long as you don’t overcook it. The most tedious piece of the formula is cooking the meat and the vegetables, the rest is so speedy and simple.

The long-grain white rice gets such a great amount of flavor from the flavors and the fragrant vegetables – onion, carrots, and garlic. The remains warm truly well, so you can serve it the following day, or even freeze it for another dinner not far off. I love warming Plov on a skillet – it makes the ideal surface and flavor.


3 lbs top sirloin hamburger (cut into 1-inch 3D shapes)

2–3 Tablespoons oil (avocado, sunflower, grape seed, light olive oil, and so forth.)

2 onions (finely slashed)

3 carrots (cut into julienne)

2–4 garlic cloves (minced)

1 bay leaf

salt (ground dark pepper, to taste)

1/2 – 1 teaspoon cumin

1–2 teaspoons paprika

1–2 teaspoons dry herb blend (discretionary)

3 cups in length grain white rice


Turn on the Moment Pot. Utilizing the “Saute” work on the Moment Pot, alter the warmth to “More”. Include the oil and when the oil is hot, dark-colored the hamburger in groups, until brilliant darker on the two sides.

Try not to swarm the meat. In the event that you include an excessive amount of hamburger, it will start to steam and you won’t get a burn on the meat. As you dark-colored on clump of meat, expel it from the Moment Pot and put it aside in another bowl. In the event that the base of the Moment Pot begins to consume, pour in a touch of water, scratch out the consumed bit, spill out the water, clear out the inward chamber and start once more.

At the point when you start another cluster of hamburger carmelizing in the Moment Pot, include more oil, enough to cover the base of the pot and warm it up until the oil is gleaming again before including the meat. This ought to happen rapidly.

At the point when you have seared all the hamburger (simply get it darker outwardly, it will even now be crude in the inside), include more oil, if necessary, heat it again and include the onions, carrots, and garlic. Season with salt and ground dark pepper to taste.

Blend to consolidate and cook for around 5 minutes, until the vegetables begin to mollify.

Return the meat to the Moment Pot and season with progressively salt, ground dark pepper, paprika, cumin, and other dry herbs or flavoring mixes that you like.

Pour in around 2 1/2 cups of water, enough to simply cover the meat and vegetables. Include the inlet leaf. Spread the Moment Pot with the cover. Turn the valve to “Fixing”.

Turn on the “Manual” mode, high weight, for 15 minutes.

Utilize the brisk discharge choice to discharge the weight and open the Moment Pot.

Evacuate the straight leaf and dispose of it.

Include the rice, spreading it out over the meat and vegetables, being mindful so as not to blend it in something over the top, leaving it on the top layer.

Pour in another 2 1/2 cups of high temp water over the rice, by and by being mindful so as not to upset the rice excessively. Include around 1 teaspoon of salt to the water. Spread the Moment Pot again and turn the valve to “Fixing”.

Turn on the “Manual” mode, High Weight, for 3 minutes. At the point when the Moment Pot kills, let it represent 3-5 minutes and afterward utilize the Snappy Discharge choice to discharge the weight and open the Moment Pot. Go through a fork to cushion the rice and blend the rice in with the meat and vegetables.

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