This week I’m infusing some impulsive notion into the mixed drink hour with some past cute olive penguins and radish mice. They’ll wow your visitors and get everyone into the gathering soul.

These brilliant little penguins are made with two sizes of dark olive, some cream cheddar, and a carrot.

They are excessively simple to make, and you’ll receive loads of oohs and aahs as a byproduct of almost no exertion.

To make an Olive and Cream Cheddar Penguin—

You need a cut of carrot with a divot cut out of it, an enormous olive, cut down the middle, a medium olive, a little chunk of cream cheddar and a long toothpick or mixed drink stick.

The cream cheddar gets stuffed between the two parts of the large olive, and afterward set over the carrot ‘feet’.

Cut the extra piece of carrot into half once more, and put it inside the puckered gap of the medium olive to frame the beak.  Put a long toothpick or mixed drink stick through the head.

Put the toothpick down through the cream cheddar body and into the carrot.

Lower the penguin’s head delicately down to meet his body.

Olive Mixed drink Penguin


1 carrot cut

1 large olive cut into equal parts the long way

1 medium olive

1 tsp cream cheddar

1 long toothpick or mixed drink stick


Cut a little divot from the carrot cut to shape the “feet” base.

Fold the cream cheddar into a ball and addition between the parts of the enormous olive. The olive parts can contact at the back, and open out in the front to shape the wings.

Take the little carrot divot and cut down the middle again to shape the snout.

Supplement the snout into the little gap in the medium olive.

Run the toothpick through the head, down through the body, and into the carrot base.

Lower the head to meet the body, and tidy up the cream cheddar. Alter the penguin as vital.


Allude to the bit by bit photographs in the post above.

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