How to Make a Hello Kitty Party Headband


Your birthday celebration visitors will make some incredible memories playing with these no-sew Hi Kitty headbands.

Hi, Kitty headbands are incredible support for your visitors to bring home and play with at the gathering! Utilizing a layout makes it simple to get them ready by the dozen. The best part is you don’t need to realize how to sew!

What you’ll require:

Pink and white felt




Heated glue

Hi Kitty bow and ear format

Step by step instructions to:

1. Print off and cut out the Hello Kitty bow and ear format. Next, follow the pieces on the felt and cut them out.

2. Spread out your ears and afterward put your headband on top, making a point to keep them arranged equally. At that point, include craft glue around the edges and overlay into place. Permit the paste to sit for a couple of moments before moving onto step

3. Make and include your bow by including a little craft glue in your bow and overlay over. At that point include a pinch of paste the external side of your bow, collapsing the side pieces over. Presently it’s a great opportunity to include your center circle! Add some craft glue to the back and immovably press into place. Heated glue your bow onto the left ear and you’re finished!

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