How to Make a Hello Kitty Party Favor Bag


For a fitting finale, send your Welcome Kitty birthday celebration visitors home with a natively constructed support pack loaded down with treats. Make them at the gathering for a fun specialty action everybody will cherish!

What you’ll require:

Paper support sacks

Hi Kitty Faces layout

Hi Kitty Bows format



Heated glue


Step by step instructions to:

1. Print off the Hello Kitty Countenances template and the Hello Kitty Bows format. Next, follow the pieces onto your cardstock and cut them out.

2. Add Kitty’s face to the pack. I utilized a couple of creating tweezers to include my eyes, nose, and hair. A touch of heated glue is all you need!

3. Include another little touch of craft glue to the rear of the bow and immovably append to the pack, making a point to let the bow hang off the side of the sack a bit.

4. Fill your packs with favors, including Hi Kitty natural product snacks!

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