Frozen Chocolate Bananas



6 bananas

8 ounces dull preparing chocolate, slashed

2 teaspoons coconut oil

2 teaspoons agave syrup

a small touch of salt

fixings of your decision (squashed peanuts, destroyed coconut, and so on)


Spot popsicle sticks into equal parts bananas and freeze, ideally medium-term.

For the chocolate sauce: Stew water in a little pot, place a glass bowl on top to make a twofold evaporator (a bowl sufficiently large so it doesn’t contact the water in the skillet). Include the chocolate, agave, coconut oil, and salt and mix consistently as it softens over the stewing water.

Expel from heat, let it cool marginally and empty the chocolate into a mug.

Dunk every banana into the chocolate and sprinkle the garnishes on rapidly before the chocolate solidifies.

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