Frozen Bento Box


What better approach to enable your youngster to change from the warm long periods of summer to the undertakings of another school year than by pressing a solid lunch roused by the amiable Olaf and his buddy Sven?

Made with a white corn tortilla, this snowman sandwich is decorated with new veggies and supplemented by pretzel “prongs.” For dessert, there are bright organic product blooms suggestive of the blooms that enjoyment Olaf during his fantasy of summer.



Material paper

Paper scissors

1 (6-inch) white corn tortilla

2 round baked good sack tips (3/4 and 3/8 inch)

Kitchen scissors and blade

1 teaspoon low-fat whipped cream cheddar

Spot of celery salt

1 medium dark olive


3 flimsy 2-inch celery twists

2-inch long tip of a little carrot (cut down the middle the long way to make a level base)

2 customary estimated pretzels

Bloom molded dough shapers (1-1 3/4 inches)

The little cut of melon (1/2-inch thick)

The little cut of watermelon (1/2-inch thick)


Print out the format, and spot the sheet on a bit of material paper slice to a similar size. Hold the printout and material paper together, and cut out the head and teeth shapes, cutting through the two layers of paper without a moment’s delay. Utilize the material paper shapes to cut a sandwich top, a sandwich base, and teeth from the corn tortilla.

Utilize the 3/4-inch wide baked good sack tip to cut eyeholes in the sandwich top, alluding to the reference lines on the layout for arrangement. Utilize the tip of a kitchen blade to cut the mouth lines and the line between the teeth.

To amass the sandwich, combine the cream cheddar and celery salt. At that point spread the blend on the sandwich base, making it a little thicker where the eyes will go, and saving a minor piece for appending the facial highlights. Delicately press the sandwich top set up.

To finish the eyes, first cut the olive down the middle through and through, and afterward utilize the 3/8-inch wide cake pack tip to cut two “understudies” from one half. Position the students in the eye openings and tenderly press them down with the tip of a toothpick so the bottoms will adhere to the cream cheddar filling.

Cut meager “eyebrow” takes from the staying olive half and utilize a touch of cream cheddar (applied with the toothpick) to stick them set up over the eyes. Next, fold the top edge of the tortilla teeth under the upper lip with the goal that the teeth lay on the lower lip. Utilize the toothpick to spread a smidgen of cream cheddar on the teeth in the event that you like.

For Olaf’s “hair,” fold the bottoms of the celery twists between the sandwich layers at the highest point of Olaf’s head.

For the nose, cut the carrot tip down the middle the long way to make a level base. At that point utilize more cream cheddar to stick one of the parts set up on the sandwich.

To supplement the sandwich, break the pretzels down the middle to freely look like Sven’s tusks.

At last, utilize the dough shapers to cut a few blossom shapes from the melon cuts. Cut out the focuses with the 3/8-inch cake pack tip, and fill them with differentiating melon hovers cut out with the 3/4-inch cake sack tip. (Note: making the circles marginally bigger than the openings guarantees that they will fit snuggly enough to remain set up.)

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