Cottage Cheese With Fruit


A few days, breakfast time passes quickly by like a haze. Also, a few days… what breakfast? My go-getters have a great deal of prep for school and here and there attempt to crush in that last piece of rest in the first part of the day. At that point there is consistently that kid who wants to rest until irrefutably the latest possible time, isn’t that so? And afterward, breakfast departs for good. It’s decent to have a portion of this supplement pressed breakfast parfaits prepared in to-go cups to speed out the entryway with them.

I love the way delicious this curds natural product granola parfait is. Layers of curds, granola, and many berry goodness! Brimming with protein, fiber, unbelievably simple to make and totally fabulous! It keeps you entirely full without a great deal of calorie admission. Who can oppose such a solid and fulfilling breakfast, or a whenever tidbit or pastry on the off chance that you sprinkle on a touch of nectar? On the off chance that the parfaits are not eaten in the first part of the day, it’s no big deal since they make a fine after-school nibble before children plunge into their schoolwork. Try it out!

For the berry bowl

4 ounces curds

Strawberries, hacked

Raspberries, hacked

Blueberries, hacked

For the peach and nectar bowl

4 ounces curds

Peaches, cut


For the apple cinnamon bowl

4 ounces curds

Apple, cut

Squeeze of cinnamon

Maple syrup, showered

For the banana pecan bowl

4 ounces curds

Banana, cut

Pecans, cleaved

One more:


½ cup – nectar almond granola

I additionally prefer to utilize this dull chocolate red berries granola

½ cup (55 g) – curds (I utilized 2 %)

2 – strawberries

½ – kiwi

5 – raspberries

1/4 cup – blueberries

Crude nectar or natural maple syrup for showering (discretionary)


Wash leafy foods dry it with a paper towel. Cut strawberries and kiwi into littler pieces.

Gathering Guidelines:

Spot granola on the base of a 16 oz. (473 ml) cup, include curds, organic products, and afterward top with a touch of curds. Sprinkle a couple of grains of granola for a beautiful touch.


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