Christmas Trifle!


This fool will look crushing on your Christmas table!!! With layers of custard and jam, heaped high with cream and organic product, the one thing that will take your Christmas Play to another level is to utilize genuine cranberry juice and flavorless Plane jam, rather than counterfeit enhanced jam. It’s overly straightforward.


1 x 450g/14 oz Madeira cake, locally acquired (Note 1)

1/3 cup/85 ml orange or other natural product enhanced alcohol, or squeezed apple (or 2 tbsp liquor)

4 x 85g bundles flavorless Plane Jelly (“Create a Jam”) (Note 2 for subs)

5 cups/1.25 L no included sugar Cranberry juice (Note 2)

2 – 3 punnets strawberries, split

1 each punnet blueberries, raspberries


600 ml/2 1/2 cups whipping cream

3 tbsp/55g white sugar

1 ½ tsp vanilla extricate


750 ml/3 cups milk (full or low fat)

1/4 cup/55 g caster sugar (superfine sugar)

1 tsp vanilla bean glue (or concentrate) (Note 4)

1/4 cup/55 g caster sugar (superfine sugar), extra

4 egg yolks

1/2 cup/80g cornflour/cornstarch


Cut cake into 3 cm/1.2″ solid shapes. Spread the base of 3.5 L/3.5 qt play dish with cake (probably won’t utilize all) and sprinkle with alcohol or juice.

Discretionary extra: Dissipate more than 1/2 to 1 punnet divided strawberries (this isn’t in fixings list).


Heat 3 cups of the Cranberry juice to the point of boiling in a huge pot. Include jam, blend until broken up. Include remaining juice.

Jam LAYER 1:

Pour A large portion of the cranberry jam fluid cautiously over the cake in the fool dish. Refrigerate revealed for 1.5 hours until it is halfway set – still very delicate, however not watery (ie on the off chance that you tenderly spot a strawberry on it, it will remain superficially).

Pour remaining jam in a bowl and leave on the counter (don’t refrigerate).

In the interim, make the custard (see underneath).


Expel play from the refrigerator. Spoon over the custard, smooth surface, press on the glass to seal (stops jam drain). Refrigerate for 1 hour until the surface has solidified a piece – sufficiently only to hold the (jam is delicate so custard shouldn’t be completely set).

Put remaining jam in the refrigerator simultaneously (to thicken a piece, yet not all that much, see video. In the event that sets excessively, next jam layer doesn’t set clear, will look broken and bubbly). CHECK jam at 30 minutes, just to guarantee it’s not setting excessively quick.

Jam LAYER 2:

Expel play and jam from ice chest. Jam ought to be messy. Cautiously spoon over jam, smooth surface. Dissipate more than 1 punnet split strawberries (or a large portion of every raspberry and strawberries). Refrigerate for 3 hours+ (can leave in the ice chest for 48 hours, until prepared to gather).


Cream: Beat cream, sugar, and vanilla until delicately whipped.

When the jam is set, just before serving, top with cream, at that point heap over outstanding berries. Residue with icing sugar.

Serve!! PS It is basic to guarantee each serving remembers a touch of each layer for the play

Natively constructed CUSTARD:

Bring milk, ¼ cup sugar and vanilla to a stew in an enormous pan over medium warmth. Try not to bubble.

In an enormous bowl, whisk together the remaining ¼ cup sugar and yolks, at that point race in cornflour until smooth.

While whisking, cautiously pour in about ½ cup of milk blend. When blended in, gradually pour in residual milk while whisking. When joined and smooth, empty go into the pan.

Return pan to stove over low warmth. Whisk always until it turns out to be thick and custardy – this will happen rapidly, around 45 seconds (ie it is liquidy when you start, at that point all of a sudden it thickens). When thickened, expel quickly from heat – it will keep on thickening.

Fill a bowl and spread with stick wrap, squeezing onto the surface. Leave on the counter until fool is prepared to layer with custard. Makes 750ml. (Note 5)

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