Chicken Party Crackers


Chicken Gathering Wafers are the ideal reduced down nibble for your next gathering. Chicken Gathering Saltines are made with salted wafers beat with a blend of chicken, tomato, onion, corns and capsicum in a somewhat zesty and tart mayonnaise dressing. This simple canapé can be served at both room temperature and chilled. These Chicken Saltines are anything but difficult to make with no cooking required and can be prepared in only 15 minutes. You should simply set up the chicken serving of mixed greens and top the wafers as and when required.


2 Tbsp Mayonnaise

1 Tsp Vinegar

Salt and Pepper to taste

¼ Tsp Paprika

½ Cup Chicken Salami, cubed

1 Tomato deseeded and slashed

½ Little Onion slashed

½ Little Capsicum slashed

¼ Cup Corns

20 Salted Saltines/Rolls

Coriander leaves, for decorate


Stage 1

In a bowl, include mayonnaise, vinegar, salt, pepper, and paprika. Blend well.

Stage 2

Include chicken salami, tomato, onion, capsicum, and corns to the mayo blend and blend well. Keep aside.

Stage 3

Spot the saltines or rolls on a serving platter and top the wafers with the salami plate of mixed greens. Topping with coriander leaves and serve right away.

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