17 Years Old Boy Dies From Seizure After These Marks Form On His Neck


In this article we will present you a terrible story about a 17 years old boy from Mexico, Julio Macias Gonzales. He started convulsing while eating his dinner and by the time the ambulance arrived, he was dead.

You probably think it’s due to epilepsy or some allergic reaction, but it’s not that.

After the autopsy, the doctors concluded that this boy died due to a hickey his girlfriend had placed on his neck. According to them, the hickey created a blood clot that that traveled to Julio’s brain and triggered a stroke.

This has been confirmed by a stoke expert and he said:

“If you were to press on or otherwise damage the neck in that area where the carotid artery is going, potentially [the damage] could cause enough injury to tear the blood vessel, and cause a blood clot to form that could go to the brain and cause a stroke,”

People should definitely be informed about this situation because there a high possibility for hickey to cause this to happen and to result in death.

This condition is known as ‘beauty parlor stroke syndrome.’

A hickey can definitely cause stroke. This can be noticed in a beauty salon as well. When you wash your hair because this position can also cause a stroke. So, in order to prevent that, be careful when you are at your hairstylist.

People who have experienced this, claim that the most common symptoms are severe headaches, neck pain and dizziness. Moreover, they also experienced difficulty speaking, swallowing or using one side of the body.

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